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Pantry Hacks for Busy People

Pantry Hacks for Busy People

This post is sponsored by Balance the Superfood Shot.


Recently, I spent an entire day decluttering the chaos that existed in my pantry and carefully planning the contents of its new jars. Now, every time I open the pantry door, it visually sparks joy. Any time my boyfriend asks what he can have for a snack, I get to wave my hand towards the pantry and say, “Everything that you seek lies before your eyes, darling.” Jokes aside, we exercise in the mornings, run in and out of the house throughout the day to work with clients, and otherwise have our faces in front of a computer meeting project deadlines.  I’m sure you’re a busy person too, which is why spending less mental energy on deciding what to eat throughout the day will free up some space in your mind to accomplish more. For you, my busy friend, are a few hacks to make your pantry support your busy lifestyle.

Pantry Hack #1: Clean it Out

Take everything out of your pantry. Seriously, everything. Throw away any expired foods and create a donation pile for any non-expired foods you don’t eat. Lastly, sort the remaining foods you have into groupings: pasta, grains & beans, canned foods, beverages, and snack foods.

Pantry Hack #2: Get it Organized

Purchase jars of various sizes that are clear, glass, and airtight. This is a great way to store your foods so that you can easily see what you have when you open the pantry door.

Pantry Hack #3: Stock It

This is the fun part, when you get to stock those beautiful jars with your favorite snacks. When you live a busy lifestyle, you want to incorporate foods that are not only easily accessible, but also help you achieve recommended daily allowances for essential nutrients. Choose wisely! Some of my favorite snacks to stock in my pantry are fruit & nut bars, raw trail mix, seaweed snack packs, and shelf stable beverages. A constant stay in my pantry are Balance The Superfood Shots: Immunity Blend when I feel run down, Turmeric Blend to combat inflammation after exercising, and Foundation Blend when I need some extra greens in my day.  

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Pantry Hack #4: Prepare Portion Sizes

If the grab-and-go strategy works best for your busy lifestyle, having bulk portions of snacks can slow you down. Preparing portion sizes for snacks that are not individually packaged is a great task to do on your meal prepping or grocery shopping days. Half-pint sized mason jars are a simple storage solution for foods like trail mix or granola.

Pantry Hack #5: Keep a Shopping List

Have a way to jot down reminders for pantry foods to restock during your next grocery store trip; it can either be a shopping checklist you printed off the internet or a blank piece of lined paper. Keep it taped to the inside of the pantry door and whenever you grab the last of a snack, you can quickly write down a reminder to self to replace the item.

Try out these pantry hacks and experience how much more efficient your busy day can become by creating a pantry that works for your goals!

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