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Raspberry Swirl Nice Cream

Raspberry Swirl Nice Cream

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Is it just me, or is it REALLY easy to go overboard on banana purchases when grocery shopping. I always mean well, picturing the bunch of bananas I’m about to buy going into healthy post workout smoothies. But the reality is, they ripen so fast its easy to ignore and waste them. Overripe bananas are popular in carb heavy treats like banana bread…but in an effort to waste less food and watch my waistline, I’m trying a different approach.

Nice Cream has become popular as a healthy treat full of antioxidants and nutrients from frozen fruits that can be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert. It’s not only a great alternative for calorie dense ice cream a but also is easy to make, and you can make a delicious version with very limited ingredients.

Nice Cream tastes best with very ripe bananas due to their high level of natural sweetness. So as soon as those bananas start spotting brown, tear off that peel and break them into chunks to freeze for Nice Creams and smoothies!


The Ingredients: //

  • Frozen Organic Raspberries

  • Frozen Organic Baby Bananas (very ripe)

  • Liquid for blending (water, nut milk, coconut water)

The Prep: //

Separately blend bananas and raspberries in a high speed blender. Use splashes of chosen liquid to help the frozen fruits blend more easily. Swirl the two blends together in a glass or bowl.

Serve: //

Top with fresh fruits, raw nuts, dark chocolate, or coconut shreds!

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