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Loaded Vegan Chili

Loaded Vegan Chili

This hearty bowl of flavourful goodness is perfect for feeding the hungry troops, I mean family, while staying within the budget and within meal prepping constraints. My spin on the traditional American, meat-based chili recipe pleases vegans and carnivores alike and is seasoned to perfection with some of my favorite spices. A major advantage of plant based cooking is that you have ability to taste the food as you cook and add in whatever flavors you feel are lacking. This recipe requires very minimal prep time, costs less than $10 to make, and is large enough to feed a family of four easily or just have enough leftover to pop in the freezer for the future!


Ingredients //

  • 4 Cloves of Garlic, peeled & minced

  • 1/2 Cup of Red Onion, minced

  • 1 whole zucchini, chopped small

  • 1 can of each: Black Beans, Kidney Beans, Garbanzo Beans (You can also make the beans from scratch if you have the extra time. I encourage you to buy low sodium, organic beans if you go the canned route, but it will make the recipe a bit more expensive.)

  • 1 Can of Stewed & Diced Tomatoes

  • 1 Cup of Corn, fresh or frozen

  • 1 Cup of Soyrizo, or other plant based veggie crumbles.

  • 1 Cup Imagine Chicken-Free Vegetarian Broth, or other Veggie Broth

  • Spices: Sea Salt, Turmeric, Cumin, Paprika, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper

  • 2 Tbsp Cooking Oil

  • Pinch of Baking Soda

Directions //

  1. Warm up large pot on the stove. Drizzle in cooking oil, and when hot, add in the minced garlic and onions. Sauté those for about 1 min.

  2. Add seasonings: I don’t measure exact amounts, but you start with sprinkling in about 1 tbsp of turmeric, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp sea salt, and a few grinds of black pepper. Sauté with the garlic and onions for another minute, making sure the mixture doesn’t burn.

  3. Pour in canned tomatoes, beans, zucchini, corn, and vegetarian broth. Mix all contents together, cover the pot with a lid, and let simmer on low-medium heat for about 10 minutes.

  4. Remove the lid and stir in Soyrizo. At this point, you can taste the chili broth and see if any additional seasonings are needed. If you like spicy, add in a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper. At this point, I add in a pinch of baking soda to help reduce the intestinal gas producing effect of all the beans (a secret my mama taught me).

  5. Cover the mixture and allow it to simmer for another 10-15 minutes, or until the zucchini are softened.

  6. Serve hot, optionally topped with avocado, cilantro, raw onions, or jalapeños. This chili is even more amazing when served with homemade cornbread.


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